At L.O.D we offer a high quality of dance training in a warm nurturing environment.  We pride ourselves on caring for children on an individual basis within the classroom setting.  All students are offered the same opportunities to participate in syllabus examinations and performances.  We find this approach provides a more supportive & rewarding experience than the competitive dance environment and gives all students the chance to excel and reach their full potential. 

  • We provide classes for any dance needs –award winning pre-school programmes, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Dance conditioning.
  • Our timetable is designed so students can do multiple classes and genres on the same day, making the weekly chauffeuring & family timetabling much simpler for everyone.
  • Our timetable allows greater flexibility for students to include other extra-curricular activities, something we also encourage to promote the growth of well-balanced young people.
  • We encourage versatile dancers who have the opportunities to experience greater varieties of genres and find their perfect fit.  This is something that ensures students truly develop their “Love of Dance” and also creates multi-faceted dance artists when developing a career in the arts.